Africa On The Move
Boys don't cry
F Is For Father

Timer, dad, oupa, baba call them what you want but fathers are many things to all of us. Part documentary and part curatorial intervention, F is for father is a film that deconstructs the meaning of fatherhood in the black community in South Africa today. Told through the candid, funny and insightfu...

Born Into Struggle

A documentary about the struggle people were facing back in the old days. The apartheid and being oppressed by white people

COP17 : An Activist Diary
Carlos Cardoso
Men From Atlantis

Twelve men from a community called atlantis enrol in a project of walking for 5 days carrying a woman. The purpose behing this project is to say no to woman abuse.

Woman On Sex

Women on Sex is a woman centered web series that serves as a platform for African women to interrogate & reclaim the narrative around gender and sexuality. Through a diverse group of women’s personal accounts, Women on Sex seeks to change society's patriarchal perspectives and empower women...

Driving William
Pascals Journey
Bhambatha: War of the Heads

In 1905, South Africa's British overlords set out to force the powerful Zulu nation to work on white farms. For Chief Bhambatha, the introduction of a poll tax to compel Zulus to do this, was the last straw. They had already been deprived of land, faced war and famine and now their patriarchy was at...

Two Camps

This is a story about the increasing hardships refugees in the city of Johannesburg told through the experience of three african men. Their stories will testify to the struggle for survival facing the most vulnerable and alienated in a city at the helm of the so-called African Renaissance.

Main Reef Road
The Battle For Johannesburg

The Battle for Johannesburg is a feature-length documentary film that examines the conflicts and consequences of Johannesburg's rapid transformation in the 24 months leading up to the World Cup.

Miners Shot Down

In August 2012, mineworkers in one of South Africa’s biggest platinum mines began a wildcat strike for better wages. Six days later, the police used live ammunition to brutally suppress the strike, killing 34 and injuring many more. Using the POV of the Marikana miners, Miners Shot Down, follows t...

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