Boys don't cry
Born Into Struggle
COP17 : An Activist Diary

The Kyoto protocol on the reduction of greenhouse gases was signed in 1995 and was not yet operational in 2011, when the COP 17 conference on climatic change opens in Durban, South Africa. The most polluting countries, the developed world, continue to slow down the process through endless speeches a...

Carlos Cardoso

Carlos Cardoso is a documentary about Carlos Cardoso himself who did everything in his power to elliminate the barriers between ordinary people and top people.

Men From Atlantis
Woman On Sex
Driving William

Thirteen-year-old William loves birds nests. So much so that he will go to any lengths to collect them, until one adventure clips his wings forever. DRIVING WILLIAM charts the inspirational story of how William flies again with the help of his Guardian Angel.

Pascals Journey

A remarkable story about the profound spiritual journey taken by Pascal Schmitz in his early adult years. The documentary takes a unique look at Rastafarianism as it is practiced in South Africa and Ethiopia.

Bhambatha: War of the Heads
Two Camps

A personal journey to Austria for Rehad Desai to find out whether his son, who is presently living in Mozambique with his mother, would fit in with the Austrian life. His separated wife, Victoria, is planning to move back to Austria, where she grew up. This documentary explores the political situat...

Main Reef Road

The 100 km Main Reef Road runs from Springs to Westonaria in South Africa; the film looks at the part it played in the history of Johannesburg, and in the present day, how people are coping in the wake of the new democracy in South Africa.

The Battle For Johannesburg
Miners Shot Down
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