Hear me move 13  2015



Muzi, the son of an amazing pantsula dancer, goes on a journey to learn the truth about his father’s death and come to terms with his own identity. Will Muzi embrace his destiny and become the man he is meant to be?



I was heartbroken that my husband moved in with another woman so I had a spell to bring him back home and stop the affair he had with her. In just 1 week he left her and went to live at the motel. He called to say so and get news of the kids. The discussion was pleasant, as if he was changing to become the man I knew when we got married. It was exactly as you said…. Now he’s back home and is absolutely crazy about me. I am so thrilled by this spell that I cant find the right words to say how I feel right now. All I can decently say is that you changed my life and saved the most important thing in my life and my family. I had worked for so long time but no promotion at work. I was earning little salary. But Mama Thandy, the Specialist helped me. I got promoted. I would like to thank her for her honesty and decency and hard work for making me who i am, you too can try getting in touch with her for personal help, Call Mama Thandy +27814476165
khumalo at 2018-05-26

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