Conversations With My Brother
Two Faces Each

A televised play series. Incorporating the elements and flair of theater arts. Reflecting the double lives of characters in the urban Kenyan society.we follow Miriam, a 20 year-old with a choice to make which becomes a journey of a lifetime, she unpacks her parents' choices and her heart's desires, ...

6 hours to Christmas

6 hours to Christmas is a timeless feel-good movie for any time of the year. The plot follows Reggie( Chris Attoh), whom on Christmas Eve looks forward to dinner and an early Christmas gift from his girlfriend. He gets more than he bargained for when a female colleague(Damilola Adegbite), whom he's ...

A Lovers Call
I Sing of a Well
Ndoto Za Elibidi(The Dreams of Elibidi)

This Swahili story pivots around the theme of acceptance and love as its colourful protagonist- parents, four daughters and their lovers-come to terms with HIV and ghetto life.


Skyf is a witty tale that interweaves the journeys of seven strangers, all connected by their common addiction.

A Soweto Love Story
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