What is ReelAfrican?

ReelAfrican is a content aggregator that currently showcases its work to the African Diaspora in the States

Who founded ReelAfrican and why?

The founders, Victor and Edwardo, are young enthusiasts of film who grew up in Ghana. They spent their young adult years in the US and while there, saw the giant need for access to really high quality African cinema and TV productions.
They started ReelAfrican with the aim to become the number one destination for high-quality pan-African film and TV entertainment.

What type of content is Reel African looking for and from who?

We are looking for producers, filmmakers and anybody that has produced work that they have the rights to. There are various types of genres that we are looking for to mention some it would be Drama, comedy, short films, documentary , mobile phone content , music videos.

How will content producers/providers be rewarded?

We currently have a business model that has worked and that model is based on a Revenue Share basis. Contact feedback@reelafrican.com for more information.

How long must the content be?

We accept content that ranges from 1 minute up to 2 hours. Series are also accepted.

Is the content available to watch in South Africa?

Some of our content is available on www.reelafrican.com and YouTube, but most of the content will only be available in the US.

How much does it cost to view content?

It costs $3.99 to view the content . Some of the content is free all that would be required is registration

Who watches content on ReelAfrican?

Our Biggest market at the moment is the African diaspora in the United States.

Why should they view content on this platform?

Our content is engaging, new and it is a showcase of quality Pan African content that everybody can enjoy.

What are the future plans for ReelAfrican?

The future plan for Reel African is to become the world’s leading online destination for pan African content. We are planning to release our VOD platform by the end of December 2015 as well as expand on to new distribution platforms in the Unites States and Africa.

Who can I speak to if I want to know more about Reel African/get more involved?

Please visit ‘contact us’ on www.reelafrican.com

How can I suggest content to ReelAfrican?

We would love to hear from you about content that you would like to see on ReelAfrican. Please send your suggestions to feedback@reelafrican.com

How do I submit my film to ReelAfrican?

Follow the guidelines here to submit your film to us.

What are the system requirements for ReelAfrican.com?

To watch videos on ReelAfrican, you must have the following minimum requirements:
Adobe Flash Player 10.0.32, which is available online – Click Here
Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2.0, Safari 3.0, or Chrome
JavaScript and Cookies enabled
A high-speed Internet connection with a downstream bandwidth of over 1000Kbps (or 1.0Mb/s) for a smooth playback experience. You can test your downstream bandwidth at Click Here
Try a different browser on your computer.

Why does my video playback stutter or pause frequently?

For an uninterrupted playback experience, you need high-speed Internet connection. Otherwise, videos may stutter or pause frequently as the player buffers content. If you are experiencing stuttering or choppy playback, here are some suggestions that may help:
Your video download speed may be slow or inconsistent. Pause the video until the buffer is full and then try playing the video.
If you are using a wireless connection and your video is stuttering, try watching over a wired connection or move your computer closer to your wi-fi router for a stronger signal.
If you are running any bandwidth-intensive applications on your computer (e.g. file downloads, Skype), you may want to pause these applications while watching videos on ReelAfrican.com.